What are HugTexts?

HugTexts are text messages that are full of encouragement and positivity to make your day a little brighter! Subscribe and receive a different text each time to infuse your day with a good feeling – just like a hug! It feels great! You can also gift HugTexts to a friend, family member, or anyone you know who could use a hug during their day!

What kind of messages are sent?

HugTexts are reminders that you’re likeable, capable, and loved! Always positive, encouraging, and caring, the little text message will make your day brighter.

Examples of HugTexts you might receive:

  • For every lesson you are learning, you are teaching someone else. Learning is living!
  • No matter how bad your day was, there’s always a best part of your day. What’s yours?
  • You are braver, smarter, stronger, and more beautiful than you even imagined. Shine that stuff!
Who are HugTexts good for?

HugTexts will be welcomed by anyone who needs a little dose of happiness in their day. Sometimes we get bogged down by work, stressed-out, or find ourselves surrounded by negative news, people, or just need some good thoughts. Gling! A text arrives that reminds us that there’s beauty around us, that we matter, and that we’re loved. Suddenly, our mood is lifted. The effects last far longer than the three seconds it takes to read the text message.

And you know what? That good feeling spreads outward into our lives, touching those around us too. The positivity spreads into our lives! Try HugTexts today!

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Sign up here to try two weeks of HugTexts – free!

Does everyone get the same text each day?

Nope! Every HugTexts subscriber gets a different text each day, different from yesterday, and different from other subscribers too. Your HugTexts are messages just for you!

I know someone who could use some encouragement. Can I gift HugTexts to that person?

Absolutely! Share the love and receive the benefits of discounted subscriptions with multiple number plans. By the way, you can even earn a $5 Referral Bonus when you refer new subscribers! (Learn more here!)

What’s the cost and how do I subscribe?

You can receive HugTexts for as low as $3.50 per month depending on your subscription! Choose your plan and sign up here!

Can I gift HugTexts anonymously?

Sure! Those who receive HugTexts always have the option to stop if they no longer wish to receive our daily encouraging messages. They will contact us and their number will be removed from your account, and you’ll receive a notification if that happens.

You can add a different number in place of theirs, since your plan will include a specific quantity of SMS numbers.

Can I order HugTexts for my clients or staff?

Yes! What a great way to remind your clients and staff how much you care about them all year long!

HugTexts are a wonderful part of a regular emotional wellness routine, with brain-based benefits.

Contact us about our Corporate Plan. In your message, let us know approximately how many text numbers you’d like in your account. With large full year plans, we can also offer you a personalized from field, so your clients or staff know that these uplifting messages are from you.

Will HugTexts work with all phone service carriers?

Yes! Just select your phone carrier when you sign up. Since we’ll be sending a text message four days a week, we recommend having a cell phone service plan that allows for receiving unlimited texts.

How often will I receive text messages?

HugTexts are sent on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Studies show that if texts are received every day, the user gets bored and starts ignoring them. But, four days a week, with breaks between days still feels “new.” We want you to love your messages, so we are sending you just the right amount, at the right time!

Someone added my number, but I don’t want to receive these.

Someone gifted you HugTexts but you aren’t interested? No problem. Please contact us directly and we’ll remove your number.

Can I reply to HugTexts messages?

Hi! Although we’d love to hear your feedback, we are unable to receive replies to individual HugTexts messages. But please do let us know your thoughts by either contacting us here, or via Twitter (@hugtexts) or Facebook (https://facebook.com/hugtexts).

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