HugTexts Corporate Plan


For your staff:

Give your employees messages of encouragement automatically! Positivity in the workplace has a proactive effect on productivity, work climate, and wellness. A Corporate account with HugTexts gives you the ability to add all of your staff easily. This is a gift that produces benefits all year long.

For your clients:

Show your clients that you care about them, and help them remember you 4 days a week. This is an amazing opportunity to improve client retention and generate referrals. They’ll be sure to talk about you when they receive messages that make them feel great four days a week – from you! Your client will think of you each time they receive one of our encouraging and inspiring feel-great text messages!

Just imagine… your client is going about her day when suddenly, bing! A text message arrives. At first, she frowns, thinking, “What now?” Then she looks at it. “You know that challenge you faced? You did a great job!” and she smiles. She sees that it’s one of those HugTexts from you and she feels cared about. She tells her friends what a nice gift it was from you. Four days a week, encouraging texts arrive just when she needs a boost, and she thinks of you with gratitude. This is a win-win for businesses and their clients.

HugTexts are a unique and thoughtful gift for the holidays or any time you want to have a positive impact.


Corporate Plan Options and Pricing


Choose to fit the size of your list.


One time setup fee: $25


Plan Corporate Packages 6 Months 12 Months
Start-up Up to 20 users $119 $189/month
Bronze Up to 100 users $389 $619
Silver Up to 500 users $589 $939
Gold Up to 2500 users $1389 $2219
Platinum Unlimited users $2789 $4459

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Note: All plans auto-renew unless cancelled by the renewal date.

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Note: All plans auto-renew unless cancelled by the renewal date."

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