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HugTexts are daily text messages that are full of encouragement and positivity to make your day a little brighter! Subscribe and receive a different text each day to infuse your day with a good feeling – just like a hug! It feels great! You can also gift HugTexts to a friend, family member, or anyone you know who could use a hug each day!
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    You matter!
  • You'll never be able to count the number of people you've touched in this lifetime. You matter!
  • Enjoy the scenery!
  • Everything is a part of the journey forward. Whether the road is bumpy or smooth today, find something to enjoy about the ride.
  • You qualify!
  • Being alive makes you deserving of goodness. You're alive? You qualify!
  • You're capable!
  • Everything that happens in your life makes you wiser and more capable of a more profound depth of love.
  • Gratitude for you!
  • Whatever we're grateful for increases our sense of joy about life. Today, someone is grateful for you.
  • You've got what it takes!
  • You already have what it takes to make today a great day!
  • Seek smiles
  • Look for smiles today. When you see one, smile back! If you don't see one, smile at someone who needs it.
  • Bring it!
  • Today is a new day you've never seen before. Bring it your best!
  • You're powerful!
  • You are powerful! How will you use that power today?
  • Best day!
  • Every day has a "best part." Even if it's this HugText!

"Positive words can literally change your brain."*
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From the book
Words Can Change Your Brain

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